Peter Gregory Rowland (Greg)
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Freeport Welding & Fabricating Inc., Freeport, Texas. March 1997 - Present. Programmer responsible for an Internal Job Control database application. Written in Borland Pascal Delphi 3.0. Program consists of 88 source modules, implementing 25 primary user screens. Including functions from Estimating to performance statistics. 30,000 lines of code in all, utilizing InterBase client/server SQL. Running on a 30 workstation Windows NT 4.0 network.

In addition to full-time programming responsibilities with Freeport Welding & Fabricating Inc., Formulated and implemented strategic plans for expansion of a subsidiary company Data-Trak Inc., a software company. Also working on both companies web presence. Endorsing Microsoft Visual Studio 97 Enterprise Addition for future development.

Alysis Interactive Corp. San Francisco, CA June 1996-December 1996 Virtual reality 3D Game Design. Motion capture studio productions, Talent procurement. 3D art and texture production, 3D Studio Max, Photo shop pro. C++ programming. Sound capture and editing. Assisted with budget and production schedules. Office space lease negotiation. Play Station Development System graphics translations.

House Plans By Design Oakhurst, CA June 1994-June 1996 Owner sole proprietor, AutoCad Design & Drafting Business. Completed Plans and construction documents for 100 projects in this two year period. Including thirty custom homes.

41/49 Highway Junction Projects Ltd. Gary Brown Construction Co. Clovis, CA June 1992-June 1994 AutoCad Design & Construction Drafts Person for a 66 acre commercial subdivision, located in Oakhurst, CA. South of Yosemite National Park. Including 22 acre VONS and LONGS retail shopping center. Parcel Maps, State Highway, signaled intersection design & construction drawings.

F1 Computer Help Connection Oakhurst, CA Oct. 1987-June 1992 Owner sole proprietor, Custom database design and programming. PC trainer, system analyst general consulting, specializing in Real Estate and Development offices. DbaseIII, FoxBase, Compiled Clipper.

Sierra Inc. Oakhurst, CA Dec. 1979-Oct. 1987
POLICE QUEST I Producer, AI logic programmer, artist, music, game and story editor. 6502 asm, Lattice C, Microsoft 8080 asm, compiled Basic, inhouse development of proprietary game development languages.
KINGS QUEST I Development team member. Helped design and produce graphics and animation utilities, game logic compiler, later to become known as Adventure game development system AGDS. Substantially contributed to game design and story line. Built game screen graphics and animated characters. Developed game AI logics and user response messages.
Dark Crystal Adventure Based on the Jim Hensen film. Graphic artist and production coordinator.

Walker Pinkston Companies Inc. Fresno, CA June 1977-Dec.1979 Commercial Real Estate development company. Draftsperson worked on over thirty major shopping centers in the state of California, and 12,000 thousand units of apartments in three states. After first year managed 5 person tenant development drafting team.

Miscellaneous prior work experience. In formative working years, I have had the good fortune to try my hand at a good number of skills and character building occupations including: Dish washer, busboy and waiter, in a number of southern California restaurants. Qualified 10th of 300rd vying for 30 positions, with the Newport Beach Marine Safety department, Ocean Life saving training program completed 1974. Logger and sawyer in North Idaho Summer 1976. Wood boat refinishing, Winter 1976. &