Here are some pictures from the 1998 June Run.

Traditionally, it is held in July.  This year too. The four Mousekateers Don, Jeff, Mike and Bill to Missoula, Montana.

Don's ride started Coarsegold, Ca and the rest of us shipped our bikes to a corn-fed mini warehouse in Missoula and flew from San Francisco to Seattle.  Then Connected to Missoula. Don rode thru Yosemite and Nevada, Idaho and then Montana.


          Don's driveway                                                                   Coarsegold Chevron

Missoula Airport Wall                                                                         Check your tire pressure in Missoula

                And gas in the heat .                                                                  Mike finds the map                            We camp north of Missoula

Chip seal everywhere.  Don's Brownie                                   Small men...Large landscape of Glacier Park

Don folds up the Continental Divide                                      Then we camp with the Oilheads N. of Glacier

                   Next day toward Canada at Chief Mountain

Jeff ready to cruise?   Naaaaw.  Chief Mountain                Jeeze, same mountain.

We discuss my Pepper Spray at the border                                Back in Idaho Don sleeps.

Blue skies at the National. For a minute.                                          Don's gone.  We do 12 West.  Aahhhh!

         Lakeview Wa off of 395 near the Ca border.  The RT was a bonus.
         ($45 room, top floor. Three guys that are just friends)

                       Lassen Park still has snow.

                                                   Those are the pictures.....Ask Don for the stories.