Family Pictures

Irene, The Boss                                                                                                       The Girls

  Lizzy Chew (Keener), 8 months

Lance and Jessica Boyer                                                                                        Allie Boyer

Will Boyer, 5 years old.


     Nicle and Randy Adler.                                                                            Luke.  Randy and Nicole's Main Guy.

Jeff (Wheat) and Jonna Mazet


Hannah and Bridget Mazet                                                                                 Lucky, Hannah and Bridget in their Carson Cabin Fort


Jeff (Wheat) Mazet                                                                                Lucky Mazet

Three girls all great. All married. A UC Davis Phd. (Jonna), a Mom of two and Jafra Manager (Jessica), and somewhat newlye married , San Luis Obispo Rec Dept Manager and new Masters recipient from SLO (Nicole). Oldest two married with 2 kids each. Love 'em . Nicole amd  Randy and get a great kid, Luke,  in the deal. We have a good family that's getting better all the time. Love all the sons-in-law. Proof Family Values is not defined by conservative idioms.    And here I am gloating over it all at the '97 '49er in Quincy.      My fish, too. Burney Falls, Calif.



Its always at someones expense. I like stuff like "The good news is that Richard Simmons quit smoking. He's on the patch. He's down to two butts a day." Malicious eliteism or bigotry is out. But let's lighten up, folks. Black folks? Jews? Homos? Fat People (I'm one)? Laugh or die.


I envy those of you who love their jobs. Irene is one. She teaches and runs a school district's food service. I've worked for banks since '68 and struggled near the top of middle management. I loan money to rich people so that they may be richer, but love the family and gotta work to maintain. I liked the store for 3 of the 5 years then hated every morning of my life. Time to move on. Mostly like my job now. Good people, good boss.  It's still a bank.  Big dollar stuff.
Best to just put the numbers up on the board.        = 8^0


Irene and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are jaded, spoiled and snobby about food. I eat too much good food. She is a Food Services Director for two school districts. She tries to make me eat right.

Having said that:

Best fast food hamburger ..........................................Murderburger, Davis.(May be closed now...bummer) Second Pinch: In 'n Out.

Bryan C. Wright from Newcastle, Ca.  has the following "Couple of other possible suggestions for
the Hamburgers section"

"Kirk's in Palo Alto, CA.  It is on California Ave.  A hole in the wall
that looks like what a Taco Bell would have looked like in 1950.  They
used to just sell hamburgers, no fries, etc.  They've branched out to include
fries now, but I love their cheeseburgers.

Fudruckers.  This is a chain that started out somewhere (Texas?).  I
know of one in Sacramento, there may be others.  They have a nice
condiment/produce bar to let you pile (nominally healthy) stuff on the burger."

Best over-priced Fish in a Tourist Area......................Scoma's, Fisherman's Warf

Best Pizza, SF Restaurant..........................................North Beach Pizza, Close second in the Fast Zone "The Pizza Factory"

Best Pizza, Franchise.................................................Pizza Factory, 2nd in a pinch...Round Table

Best Semi-Expensive Italian, SF................................Marcello's, Taravel 6 blocks west of 19th. Plenty of runners-up in SF

Any more suggestions?


                        Jeff's '76 R90s (Built by Jeff and Bill in 98)                                          Moving the old RS/RSL around the garage

Give your local dealer the first shot. After you try it yourself, of course. If he screws you, try another dealer that's close. Compare prices by phone and on the "lists". Ask list members for parts for sale. Buy tires from  dealers and take in your wheels, not the bike. Even those of us who think we know how to wrench don't always know enough about the wheel bearings and races/balancing. Know what tires you want to buy and have the dealer order them if he doesn't have 'em in stock (he'll be glad to sell you what he has, of course).

Best Used Parts.......................... ...........the "Lists" and then Eurotech (As of 11/02, I'm not sure here...they sold and I don't use many used parts)

Best New Parts............................  ........Try the dealer first then mail order Bob's or A and S (A and S has pissed me off at this writing. But for used parts...)

Worst Customer Relations......................Probably Corbin...  Tons ' folks fit here.....Any adds?

Worst Move...........................................Tires by mail. Do you know the word "Blem".  How about "Shipping Charges".

Bikes Built By Bill:

You'll see a group of Harleys down there. The chronology is this:

1964 I got my first real bike, a 250 Honda Scrambler. Then I moved on to Triumphs with a notable purchase of a '69 Boneville right off the boat for $1275. After that were some japanese (x6 hustler, honda cb350) and then (note the lower case) back to Triumphs. In 1977 I started up with HD. Bought a Sportster and was required to build up my wrenching skills. Next, a '78 Superglide (FX), reversion to a Bonneville, then a Guzzi ElDorado. Traded the eldo for a 54 panhead in a 57 frame. Then 79 FXE, and on and on. Beemers started in about '86 with an '80 R100RT (smoke red). HDs and Beemers at the same time. I'm a changed man. Pretty much hate HDs after riding and building Boxers. The Oilheads?  Got to ride 'em to feel it. Love Airheads. I'm trying on a new K1200GT.  1600 miles at this writing in June of 2003.


The 78FX just got polished and some "ride to live" crap bolted up the way present HD riders do it; The panhead was a
frame-off rebuild in 83; The black FXE was a 91" stroker/show bike that I rode mucho miles (also frame-off) for about $60 a
mile (it placed 2nd in '93 Easyrider Vallejo show-my latest and last show attempt); The shiny red panhead was a 52 motor in an
aftermarket frame with nitrous and about a million dollars wrth of useless crap. Traded it for a '71 police special with a blown
motor. Good deal, eh? Last HD was the Sportster cafe racer that I rode about 40 miles and gave away before it killed me.

Now I have some serious airhead Beemer wrenching under my belt, but no frame-off. Top ends, paint, front ends, suspension, seats,
trannys, all that. Haven't found a lower end that screams at me to remove the motor from the frame. Closest thing was the R90s
above that was a wreck when Jeff bought it. Love those airhead electrics. That's what drove to the Oilhead. That, and the great suspension.

                                                                                             R100S...Sold in May of 1999.

Son-in Law Lance (Jessica) now owns  Lescoulies '76 R75/6. It's on the table for cosmetics and a new rear frame section, electrics, etc.

On airheads, I'm a garage guy that does his own paint. I like to polish alt and starter covers, valve covers and some misc. parts. HD roots
dictate a little exhaust noise. But(t) mild, not wild. In the Oilhead and the KBike, stock seems to be the way to go.
Strange....but true. I've pretty much given up wrenching on bikes. Except for tune up and oil change stuff.  And adding gizmos.


The R100s ran a Corbin Gunfighter.  It has a brother Corbin Dual Canyon. Both seats had to be taken back to Corbin. I slept in a motel in Watsonville in order to make my 9:00 AM Sat. appointment. They reglued, wrapped and returned the seats by 12:00 that day as we waited and ate and walked and talked. The seat covers lifted almost before we got home. Corbin, at that time, was a substandard product for its intended use. As an art piece, no seat looks better. But they're hard and unyielding. They tell you to break 'em in for 200 miles. I think that's just to get you out of their hair. I bought these seats when  form equalled function. Stupid, but that's the learning process. I haven't seen a good looking and comfortable seat. Old Corbins circa 1985 or so, but no more.

The R1100RS got a Mayer Saddle in September....Best I've ever ridden.  Call : Mayer Saddles, Redding, CA Phone: 707-555-1212       8^)