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   Yosemite Valley on a good day                                                 On the Road in 2001                                    Martin HD-28 from Nazareth,PA
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Grew up in the County of Marin, US of A. Mill Valley, Tiburon, Fairfax, San Rafael, Novato, Forest Knolls and finally in Inverness (Pt. Reyes). Had a store there from 75-81. Those were the days. Strange and wonderful times there.  We've lived in Coarsegold, about 15 miles from the south gate of Yosemite Park, since about 1984.

 How about music?

In the mid seventies West Marin was a hotbed of musicians and counter-culture personalities.

Wanna hear some Van stories? We got 'em.

We had close friendship with Youngblood drummer Joe Bauer (R.I.P.). Dinners with Jesse and Friends of the Band tickets. A good time. But....make $$$ in music, I'm afraid there's no more fun. Shared some time  with Carolyn aka "Mountain Girl" Garcia. Ask for a little story, I'll tell.
Oh, and ask for an Angela Davis story. Got one of those, too. Big deal, huh?

Music? Although no good music is thrown out, Blues is favored.   Guitar stuff: SRV, Clapton, Santana, etc. I'm trying to get some licks down on an American  Fender Strat which is hanging on the wall next to the couch.  Bought the HD-28 Martin in March of 1998 at Blue Note in San Luis Obispo, Ca.  Had a chance to tour the factory in November..nice tour. Playing the Fender and Epihone thru a small Marshall amp (50W - 1X12).

Slipped back into the acoustic deal.  Pigged out and bought a '72 Guild 12 string in pretty good shape right after I bought a Fender acoustic with Fishman electrics. Sold the Fender GA on e-bay. Treated myself to an ES335 Dot, too.  I gotta stop buying and start playing more..........

A little bigger!

Bikes and Trucks:

I have gearhead disease. I have had motorcycles since 1964 when good 'ol Mom told me I couldn't have one "as long as I lived under her roof" I moved.

Irene and I have committed to this 72 Chevy truck. Lucky to have had a little picture in "Classic Trucks" Magazine in the
Feb. '04 issue.

They are never done:

 From the catalog of Early Classic Enterprises
                                                                                                                                        It started in a compost heap in Mariposa....



       Replaced this R100RT.......                                    ...with the '82 R100S ......                              ...Then bought an R1100RS

           Northern BC July of '97.                                       Front Yard in Coarsegold                                         Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg, Ca

Although I'm not locked into BMWs, it seems to have been  my bike of choice for the last fifteen years or so.  The BMW thing started when I watched a guy cruise by on an R100RT on Highway 101 just south of Eureka.  I was checking the HD's plugs while on the side of the road.  My hands were cold and dirty.  And he was riding along at about 80 smoking a pipe.  I started the BMW thing with an R100RT like the one above and had a bunch of airheads until........

I crashed the R100S on the way to the 49er Rally in Quincy in May of '98. It was shipped via Allied to the National Rally in Missoula in '98.  Rode it thru Southern Alberta , BC and  home for the '98 June Run. It's gone; replaced by a '94 R1100RS.  I miss the airheads.  In a way. The RS was replaced by a new K1200 GT. At 130 ponies and some creature comforts like the cruise control, I still missed the RS.  So I bit the bullet and dumped the GT for a 2004 R1150RS.


The K1200GT on Saturday morning in Mariposa.   The guys at Fresno BMW are great. You can check them out at

 World Motorcycle Museum for motorcycles by country

IBMWR  -  All Things BMW

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End of Highway 99 N. BC, Canada 1997 June Run.

Don Mike and Bill at the north end of Highway 99 in BC, Canada

Lund at the end of Hwy 101 in August of 2001

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      Motorcycle antics in the 1996 June Run travels chronicled by a UCLA Don's wordsmithing.

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2002 Run to Big Sur.  That's Jeff "Guitar" Mann above Highway 1


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