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Current bikes:
1971 Honda CL350/1974 Kawasaki Z1/1980 Harley FLT/1982 Honda GL1100
1996 Suzuki Bandit 600/2000 Honda Valkyrie/2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R
2003 Suzuki VL800 Volusia 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
2002 Kawsaki ZR-7S

I started riding motorcycles at a very early age and haven't stopped yet.  My first motorcycle was a Montgomery Wards Riverside 50.  This was a straight up 2 cycle 4 speed street putter.  Late ‘60’s.  Wards offered several motorcycles right off the showroom floor.  The Riversides were imported from Italy and made by Benelli.  Status: Sold

Following the normal progression I moved up to a 1968 Suzuki 250 X6 Hustler.  I purchased this motorcycle used and it had quite a history.  It was very fast for its time and size.  Had a six speed gearbox and knee pads on the tank for that all important leg grip.  Status: Sold

In 1971 I bought a brand spankin’ new Honda CL350 Scrambler for around $800.00.  I don’t think you can buy a minibike for that today.  I loved this bike and it was the only transportation I owned.  Status: Sold



Several years later while in the Air Force stationed at Vandenburg AFB in California I bought my first Honda 750.  This was not your average 750.  It had a 18” springer front end, raked a bit - 16” spoke rear wheel, custom pipes and flame paint job.  Back then it was considered “chopped”.  Status: Sold



The year - 1977.  The bike - a 1974 Kawasaki 903 Z1-A.  This was one mean motorcycle which I still own today.  I enjoyed looking for other bikes on the road trying to entice them into a show of muscle.  I usually came out the winner. Status: Active


In 1982 I bought a new Goldwing GL1100 off the showroom floor.  1984 was the last year Honda offered the standard model.  A very comfortable motorcycle.  Cycle magazine's test of the standard GL1100 in 1980 proved it to be the quickest of the GL family, burning through a quarter-mile dragstrip run in 12.47 seconds at 107.39 mph!  Status: Active

I read an ad in the local paper one evening - they were giving away Ascots ($1600).  Woke up the next morning, ran out of the house before the wife woke up and bought a new 1985 Honda VT500 Ascot.  What a fun commuter this was.  Water cooled V-twin 6 speed gearbox.  Status: Sold


I bought a used 1980 FLT back in 1988.  Nice ride.  The motor has rubber isolated mounts so you don't feel much engine vibration.  This is an 80 cubic inch "shovelhead" motor with a 5 speed gearbox.  King of the Highway. Status: Inactive 

1995 Kawasaki KLR650.  This is my first dual sport motorcycle and I'm very impressed with it.  Extremely smooth (for a large single) and comfortable.  Lots of off road fun too.  Status: Sold


Ladies & gentleman, the Fat Lady has entered the building!  The 2000 Honda Valkyrie GL1500c.  This is one mean motorcycle.  It will accelerate hard in any gear at any rpm.  Dyno results show 94+ horsepower w/h 98ft lbs of torque at the rear wheel!  A joy to ride.  Status: Active

1986 Suzuki VS700GL Intruder.  I bought this bike in great shape for a song.  Looks good and runs good.  Custom paint, shaft drive and very low seat height (27").  Good starter bike for my son - after the MSF course.  Status: Sold

1971 CL350!  I couldn't resist.  Just picked this old timer up (July 2001).  This is the same bike I rode in High School.  I'm having a lot of fun riding it!  Status: Active


1992 Honda VT600c VLX.  Congratulations to Melani and Shane for passing the MSF course.  This is the motorcycle my wife chose to ride.  She had considered the 250 Rebel until she rode my 350 around a few times.  This is an excellent starter bike.  Very low seat height, low center of gravity and a wide ratio 4 speed transmission.  Status: Sold :(


2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R!  Zoom Zoom!!!  Full Yoshimura RS3 racing exhaust.  Stage 1 jet kit.  Modified air box with K&N filter.  4 degree timing advance.  Pumps this bad boy to almost 130 bhp at the rear wheel!  Status: Active

1996 Suzuki Bandit 600.  Just picked up this beautiful red 1996 Bandit 600 with 9,000 miles on it.  This is my Son's second motorcycle.  A step up in performance from the Suzuki Intruder above.  Very smooth with a really close ratio 6 speed gearbox.  70 bhp at 10,200 rpms.  Cycle World ran the quarter mile in 11.97 sec!  Not bad for a 600cc commuter.  Status: Sadly, Sold

2003 Suzuki VL800 Volusia.  Melani's new ride.  This bike is stunning!  It's the Suzuki 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Volusia.  Pearl white with gold pin-striping.  White speedometer face with orange backlighting.  Chrome studs seat trim.  The Volusia has received nothing but great reviews from all the major motorcycle magazines since its introduction three years ago.  My wife calls her Pearlie Girlie.   Status: Active

2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S.  Sweet deal! Just picked this beauty up off Ebay (Aug 06). Why? Just because. Got a great price and only 1000 miles. Perfect mid size between 600cc and 1000cc. Fantastic looking bike with classic engine styling! Reminds me of the good old muscle bike era. Air cooled, double overhead cam. I call this guy, Lil Bro. Lil Bro to the big guy, the Kawasaki 1200R Z-Rex! Power is very linear and manageable whereas the 1200R is freakin space shuttle acceleration. "hang onto your butts" !  Status: Active


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