Empires Of Planets 4

The University Alliance

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Playing As

The UA is great at growing and collecting materials and cash, but your ships are not as strong as some other races. Be sure to use your mines intelligently, especially gravitonic mines to stop Jump Point Generator reliant races dead in their tracks. Watch out for races such as the Stormers with good combat, since your combat is poor to crap. They will probably try to board you occasionally, so be ready for it. The Incident is great at laying mines (Agro Dome+Food to Supply Converter+Mobile Ord Factory=free ord, but it takes quite awhile to go through this process), so use them accordingly. You will want to get hull tech 5 rapidly (that way you get the Incident and the Hunter-Killers), as well as planet tech 4 so you can build those Tech Centers (costly, but worth it in the long run). Your next tech priorities are engines every turn (of course) and get shields up to tech 7 sooner rather than later since most of your hulls rely on shields quite a bit. Since all of your hulls can be refitted and since you probably will not be doing much combat and offence for quite a few turns, weapons tend to be a lower priority. Every ship in the list is designed to be used and built, for they all fill a unique and often needed roll. The Tech Institute, while costly to get the tech for and costly to build, can rapidly pay for itself in the "research" it produces and in the contraband it collects. Do not be afraid to use it. Finally, the Transport Inhibitor is costly to run, but it exists for a reason. Do not be afraid to activate them when you feel skittish. Just watch your fuel.

Playing Against

Most University Alliance ships rely very heavily on shields, especially their Singularity Class Dreadnought, so be sure to equip Sandcasters when you can. Also, use your cloaking ships to eliminate Violators by themselves when they are at their weakest. The UA are experts at gaining information about the space and races around them. Be sure to drop the highest odds minefields that you can (webs first, then Laser mines, Gravitonic, then Barbitic last) in scattered areas around your empire to try to catch those slippery Watchman that are probably doing the occasional scan of your empire. Be sure to remember, though, that the Probe Launcher only gives planet data and says nothing about current ship locations. Also, be sure to bring with plenty of minesweeping ships. The UA can lay all mine types (except webs) quite easily with their Incident Utility Cruiser. If you can, get your hands on an Incident Utility Cruiser, even if you have to bribe, pillage, or steal to get one. Finally, do not forget that the University Alliance is one of the few races that has a Hacker Droid, so if you have an enemy ship that you want the plans for, be sure to ask your local UA player.

Natural Enemies

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