Our Livestock Guardian Dog, Serdar
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We have occasional visits from various wild creatures, including coyotes, mountain lions, and skunks. We hear there are bears on Deadwood Mountain, but haven't seen any yet. Our Anatolian Livestock Guardian Dog, Serdar, keeps us and our animals safe from the wild things by booming his huge voice at them.

Here is Serdar with Harry
on a very rare visit
inside the house >>>>>>>

Anatolian is a breed that was developed in Turkey a long time ago, and they guard by instinct and training. He was rescued by a wonderful lady, Nikki Lugli, a member of the Anatolian Rescue group and we were lucky enough to be allowed to adopt him at age 9. Ser, also called "Squishy Face", "Big Head" and "Sweetums" is loving and gentle but when anyone comes on the ranch that he doesn't know, he plants himself in front of me and stays between me and the stranger.