Spiritwind Marigold,
8 months old with her
fuzzy winter coat.
Bred to Moon Walker
Due June 1

Spiritwind Black Bottom Pie
"Heffy" is bred to Moon Walker,
due March 15 <?>. [Kidded Feb 26]

Spiritwind Crocus,
7 months old

Pink Pearl
Earth Spirit Pink Pearl is bred to Moon Walker,
kidded Apr 4

[picture to be added]
Spiritwind Snapdragon,
5 months old

[picture to be added]
Spiritwind Delphinium,
8 months old
Bred to Moon Walker
due June 2

Yazz Ma-a-a-ybe Ma-a-a-ybelline
"Maybelline" is bred to It'll Do's Arapaho, due April 9. Maybelline is a small Lamancha,
naturally earless.

Timbercove Morning Dew
kidded Feb 12, 2 bucks.
She's a small Lamancha,
naturally earless, a beautiful seal color, a mixture of brown, black and gold.

Dewy's udder. Dewy is a first freshener, only 10 months old.