We do not adopt out any birds.
Most of these feathered kids [FIDS] have been in several homes already 
and here we promise them a permanent home.

Frosty is a 25 year old male Umbrella Cockatoo.
Frosty was anorexic when we got him, which is why his feathers look so bad. 
Update Oct 1999: He's eating normally now and looks great. He's very sweet and affectionate. 

Merlin is about 20 years old, female Yellow Naped Amazon.
Merlin talks non-stop, sings and makes a lot of animal sounds. 
She's very affectionate with Clare but doesn't like anyone else. She calls Harry, "HEWWWWEYYY, come heewwwwwrree" in a sweet voice, 
then attempts to annihilate him when he comes close.
We have several other Amazons, but they were camera shy :) 

Princess and Rick
[bottom] Princess is a 20+ year old female Moloccan Cockatoo. 
She began grieving after the deaths of her original owners, and started plucking and self-mutilating. She's had several surgeries, and now wears a cone most of the time so 
she can't reach the spots she bites on her chest and shoulder.
Update, October 1999: Princess's chest is all healed up. She wears the cone 24/7, and is chipper and happy all the time. Very loving, she and Frosty bonded and are inseparable. 

TOP: Ricki is a Blue and Gold Macaw, 6 years old, very sweet and bright. 
Ricki's favorite things are bells and corn on the cob.